Pre K 3 Curriculum

~ Religion – God the Father:

               Creation, His Love for us, Prayer

               God the Son

               Birth, Death & Resurrection

              The “Our Father”, Sign of the Cross & “God is Great” prayer at snack

               School wide Virtue program

~ Math – Rote counting to 31

              Counting up to 5 objects

     1:1 Correspondence

              Number Recognition

~ Reading – Letter recognition of 10 letters

~ Science – Observing & Experimenting

                  (Plants, Animals, Weather, etc) 

~ “Health” – Washing Hands!

             (Using soap, lathering for 10 sec THEN rinsing)

~ Social – Group Dynamics

               Listening in a group, Following class rules

               Sharing with and respecting others

               Communicating clearly

~ School Specials: Art, Gym, Music