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Mrs. Rosalie Pollman
Ms. Pollman

A Note from Mrs. Pollman

Mrs. Oberst
Pre-K 3 Teacher
Ms. Oberst

About Mrs. Oberst

Mrs. Oberst's Website

Ms. Shelby Vecchio
Pre-K 3 Assistant

Ms. Vecchio

Mrs. Glennon
Pre-K 4 Teacher

Ms. Glennon

About Mrs. Glennon

Mrs. Norma Fiorentino
Pre-K 4 Assistant

Ms. Fiorentino

Mrs. Price
Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Prince

About Mrs. Price

Ms. Hurley
1st Grade Teacher
Ms. Hurley
Mrs. Blansett
2nd Grade Teacher
Ms. Blansett

About Mrs. Blansett

Mrs. Blansett's Blog

Mrs. Collard
3rd Grade Teacher
Ms. Moran

About Mrs. Collard

Mrs. Mushow
4th & 5th Grade Teacher
Ms. Monroe

About Mrs. Mushow

Mrs. Thome
6th Grade Teacher
Ms. Thome
Mrs. Verstraete
Art Teacher
Ms. Verstraete
Ms. Bosch
Mr. Clark
Physical Education
Mr. McClelland
Music Teacher

Ms. Nati
Spanish Teacher